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We are a bunch of people who have found that we need God, and want to be a part of what he is doing and can do in people’s lives.

Wherever we gather, there is coffee, friendly people, good music, lots of room and activities for kids, a youth community, and people of all ages.

We want to provide a space where people can come and consider some of the bigger things of life and where they fit in, and where all this God stuff fits in. It’s a journey and it’s an event; its life making us ask questions and look for answers in the direction of God.

Come join us!!

We want to see many people in West Auckland have their lives become free from the things that damage us and those we love, not by our own efforts but by realising that there is a God who made us and cares for us.

Learning how to be alive and well on planet earth, committing ourselves to following Jesus, living in the real world, engaging in relationships, bringing up our families, or getting jobs, or studying, caring for our neighbour, growing up as we  grow older, and bearing the image of the God who loves everyone, being an influence of his goodness in this world or becoming such.

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