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This Week

This Summer

has been different for us …

as a faith community …

believing all the same things abut the goodness of God

but taking time to enjoy each others homes as we gather

so each week, checkout our instagram page to see where we will be

text 0212872280 if you are not sure


April 22 Nearly Anzac Day

Wow! We have so many talented and interesting people among us.

This week we will hear what Nia Val Tali has been up to in the last two years

Traveling to Paris and London

to honour and remember 500 Cook Island Soldiers

and see the short film that was made about the journey

And… you are also in luck because …

we begin our new series

Diving into Thesselonians



On the 2nd Sunday of every month

We have Kai together

and we host a POP-UP OP SHOP

Bring clothes you don’t wear and let them get a new home

take home anything you find that you will love to wear or give to s friend

We love the sacredness of time together over food and conversation

God loves us to do life together.

Bring food, invite your friends and turn up for our Kai night!

Invitation is what Jesus is all about.

We always have an Op Shop Swap on this night,

so bring your mates to peruse our stock of preloved clothes!!!

Kai and Op Shop Square


Sunday November 5

This is our GO Sunday. Go and do what is in your heart for others.

But it is also Guy Fawkes night. Not sure that we want to celebrate a man who tried to blow up his government or the punishment he received;

but we do want to get together and celebrate family and friends aro


und a heartwarming fire.


Sunday 29 October

Strahan Coleman is gonna speak !!

We are God's Poem


Sunday 25 June


Everyone bring snack food

drink, eat, talk and enjoy

each other

and feel the friendship

see God through seeing his people

BE together!!!


Sunday 30 April

Fran 600x400

It is the Sunday we call “Choice”

There will be a couple of options…

One is to have time to be led in personal prayer and meditation….

Led by a Spiritual Director

Many of us have never experienced thinking about God and interacting with him in this way.

The other choice is to listen to Pete Bennett speaking to us about Spiritual Gifts, so’s we can all begin finding more about where we fit

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